Our History

Our establishment is ‘Estancia el Paraíso S.A.’, a mixed farming estate which among its cultivations has a 64-hectare ornamental palm-tree nursery. We have availability of Washingtonia robusta, Phoenix canariensis and Phoenix dactylifera; these species - totally imported from Europe –, are ready for sale and have been selected because of their excellent development in a wide range of agro-ecological conditions and, therefore, their distribution has been an element of great help for garden designers from all over. We also have, though not fully developed and in smaller quantities, species such as Sabal palmettoand Washingtonia filífera. 
A short walk through the oldest parks in our country will allow us to appreciate the relevance of the majestic palm trees which are included in the designs of the most important local and foreign landscapers.

La Plantación - Estancia el Paraiso La Plantación - Estancia el Paraiso La Plantación - Estancia el Paraiso La Plantación - Estancia el Paraiso
The palm trees we have are the product of a selection made from several generations of palm trees from the most important palm tree Spanish garden center (vivero Huerto del Cura – Alicante) which supplies different countries in the old Continent.


Agronomists trained by our company in the handling of palm trees at the best European specialized centers are in charge of technical management and personnel training.